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Dark & Spicy Collection Series

Dark & Spicy Collection Series

KindleCustomer ★★★★★ stars 
Loved Finns and Ivys journey to find love. It was a short story but showed loves journey. Loved going on the journey with them❤️

Great Read would like to know what happens with her friends and her sister maybe she got hurt as well.

Included in this collection:

  • Tainted Beginnings
  • The Boss' Girl
  • The Player
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Main tropes

  • Angst Romance
  • Dark Romance
  • Enemies-To-Lovers

Tainted Beginnings

One wild night in Vegas led me here…

I should have known Nick was the devil when he first smiled at me.

But I couldn’t resist the irresistible.

Especially when the devil came in the form of a sinfully hot Italian man that looked like he stepped out of a forbidden fantasy.

Of course, I said yes, when he asked me to spend the night with him.

After all, this was Vegas.

I came here to forget the disaster at home with my ex-husband and former best friend.

The night I spent with Nick was perfect.

Until I saw him do something I shouldn’t have seen.

I ran to protect myself.

But what happened in Vegas followed me home.

Now I’m in danger.

And he’s the only one who can save me…

The Boss' Girl

I found my angel but she had broken her wings.

I knew from the first time I looked at her that Megan didn’t belong in my world.

Sold to repay a debt to my cousin, she belonged to him.

A doll in his doll house for his clients to play with.

Men like us break the innocence.

The darkness rips them apart.

Women are a weakness I can’t afford.

Yet, when I see her I want her.
I’m Dante Marchesi, the boss of the family.

What I say goes.

If I want her, I’ll have her, no matter the cost.

The question is: what will happen when I want more than just her body?

What if I want everything?

What if I want her to choose me too?

Will she?

The Player

Expect the unexpected from The Player ...

This guy sounds like a prick…

Name:Finn Cavenaugh
Personal Description:blue eyes, brown hair, 6ft 4ins, 200lbs.
Profession:Software architect and games developer of Fortune 500 company Cavenaugh Tech.
What do you want in a mate: Looking for a beautiful, confident woman who can give as much as she gets in the bedroom. Must be into BDSM, adventurous and spontaneous.
Personality Traits:highly promiscuous and sexually charged, always.

As a matchmaker, I’m not supposed to judge.
I know what billionaires are like.
Their special tastes are exactly what made my three best friends and I set up this dating agency. We exist to meet the demands of their wild fantasies.
Players and playboys are nothing new to me.
It’s just me who’s changed.
I don’t know what I expected to happen when I first met Finn Cavenaugh.
What I didn’t expect was for him to pick me when I tried to find him the perfect match.
That was the day temptation made me crazy.
So crazy it tempted me to see what would happen next with The Player…

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